Meet Andrew

My name is Andrew Aitken, and I am proud to put my name forward to represent Waterloo as your next Member of Provincial Parliament.

Eight years ago, my wife Carley and I chose to make this vibrant, innovative, and caring community our home.  Since then, we have embraced the journey that comes with setting down roots and starting a family.  This region provided us the opportunities to develop a career, purchase our first home, start a small business, and bring two beautiful girls into the world.

I want to make sure those same opportunities are available to my two young daughters when they grow up.  As a hard-working family man, I am dedicated to my community and focused on building a stronger, more resilient Waterloo. 

I have spent 15 years building, running, and optimizing supply chains across various sectors key to the growth of Ontario and the Waterloo economy such as consumer goods, pulp and paper, telecom, IT, and tourism.  I want to be your next MPP to ensure that Waterloo has a seat at the table and an advocate who understands what is needed to help this region continue to grow and prosper.

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